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    F2 Movements and Typing Not Captured in Epic


      I am using Captivate 5.5 to create simulations and assessments in Epic. In one of the Epic modules, you are required to press F2 to move to SmartLists and then type in information or select information from the list. this used to work fine while i was in "capture" mode, however, i think i inadvertently toggled something off. Now, when i press F2, it captures the screen, but no longer performs the Epic function of moving from field to field. It also will not capture the text i am typing.


      At one point, i mistakenly paused my project, but i have since restarted. I have exited all programs, rebooting, etc. to see if this would reset stuff, but it has not.


      Any suggestions would be appreicated. I have also checked all of the function key assignments in Captivate and i do not currently have F2 assigned to anything.

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you show us a screenshot of your Global Preferences > Recording Keys screen?


          Your issue with not being able to capture certain events in Epic may be a slightly separate one.  Captivate sometimes has difficulty picking up screen events to trigger captures with some types of software.  You may need to revert to manual capture in such instances.  Picking up typing text might be more of an issue.  If Captivate does not detect when text is being typed into fields on screen, you may need to fudge this by using Text Animation objects with faux typing.

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            lmeadow Level 1

            Thanks for the info. I had already tried all of that. I wound up just resetting all the preferences for my capture modes (demo, simulation, etc) back to the Default and that seemed to take care of it