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    How Do I Share my Robohelp Content with My Boss?




      I'm a super-beginner at RoboHelp - - and have gotten all I can out of the free help videos --


      My boss in development wants to try to load some of my content to see how it will look on the iPad.


      I tried the File/Generate/Primary Layout "WebHelp"

      and was MOSTLY successful, except that some of the formatting came out wrong.


      Naturally, we want it correct for the iPad.


      I am using the HTML version of RoboHelp.


      **How do I get my content to development in a correctly formatted way?


      (I apologize if this answer is elsewhere!)



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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You don’t really want to share it; you want to modify it so the output will look correctly on the iPad – you could you use conditional build tags to create an iPad-specific format while keeping your “regular” webhelp looking the same.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Ummm, does iPad handle presenting framesets?


            I thought iPad was strictly HTML 5. And to my knowledge, that format doesn't like or understand framesets. So I'm curious to know about that.


            WebHelp currently is presented using a frameset.


            Cheers... Rick


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              kay8jay Level 1

              Okay -- I will try this!  Thanks!


              More specifically, though, how do I get it so he can read it on his computer?  (i.e. send him a link?)


              Or does he need to have RoboHelp on his computer?


              We're all quite new to this, unfortunately!

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                kay8jay Level 1

                Sigh! Unfortunately, I'm also new to the iPad!


                So, well... I'll just have to see...

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                  Amebr Level 4

                  To get this output to your developer, there are two methods:

                  (apologies for the inaccurate descriptions as i don't have RH9, so locations are best-guess for me)


                  1. Publish to a network location

                  This method is easy and takes care of all the files you need.

                  a) In the Single Source Layout, find the Publishing tab/page and add a new server.

                  b) Specify a name for the server, then select File system,  and browse to a network location your developer can access.

                  c) Generate the help as you described above.

                  d) Click Publish.

                  e) Your developer will need to copy all files and folders in that location into the location they need to include into the application.


                  2. Zip up the output and give to the developer

                  a) Generate the help.

                  b) In Windows Explorer, navigate to the location you just generated the help to.You can find this in the Single Source Layout if you don't know where it is.

                  c) Select all the files and folders in the location and create a zip file containing all the files.

                  d) Send the zip file to your developer. This could be by copying the zip file to a network drive (if the file size is over a couple of MB, I wouldn't send if by email).




                  P.S. Also note that this will not allow the developer to edit the content. (Or they can, but this will not be reflected in your source). If your boss intends to change the content, they will need a copy of Robohelp to do this, and possibly you should look into Source Control, as you must not work on a Robohelp project that is on a network drive. It's possible to share a project between multiple people without using source control, but requires extremely good communication to ensure you don't wipe out each others changes.

                  P.P.S. If the developer only wants to read the help, then you can just follow Method 1 up to step d) so that the content is on a network drive. Then just email a link to the location, including the start page (listed in the Single Source Layout).

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                    kay8jay Level 1

                    Thank you so much!


                    I'm looking forward to trying this out!