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    Need to change email/id


      I received a nook color for Christmas, my husband set it up for me on desktop computer, but did not know I already had an id under my email. He registered under his email.

      When I downloaded ADE to my laptop I used my email/id. Now my nook has locked up my books from the library saying that they are not authorized. I am assuming this is

      because of the two different emails and downloading the some of the books on the desktop and some on the laptop.


      Can I deauthorize/change my husband's email to mine so I can use both the laptop and the desktop to download books to ADE.


      TIA for any help with this. Adobe chat as not able to help me.

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          Ctrl(CMD on Mac) Shift D  will deauthorize your computer

          Ctlr(Cmd on Mac) Shift E  will deauthorize your device


          When authorizing the Nook using ADE it will always use the AdobeID that ADE is authorized to ("Library->Authorize Computer..." will show you the current AdobeID)


          You want to get it so that your device and ADE that you used is authorized to the same AdobeID.  Note that only one ID can be active at any one time so you have your choice on your nook (and your laptop) of viewing content licensed to your husband AdobeID or to your AdobeID but not both.  So I would pick the AdobeID that best suits your situation.