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    'Replace with AE Composition' Including Ikegami MXF Media Causes AE To Crash

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      Made an observation today in my CS5 suite that any time I attempt to 'Repalce with AE Composition' inside Premiere and have included a clip in the timeline which was shot on our Ikegami HDS-V10 camera, After Effects instantly crashes.  I do have the MainConcept codec suite to allow native editing of the Ikegami MXF media in Premiere which has been great, but perhaps AE does not recognize this plug-in.  I have searched through the AE Preferences and have not come across any settings which would infrom AE to utilize the MainConcept tool, but perhaps I have overlooked it.

      Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Or has any suggestions?