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    TouchUp Reading Order won't separate areas of text


      Hi all,


      I am SO frustrated. I have a 4 page document that needs to be tagged for reading by JAWS.  I have 3 images that show what I'm trying to do:


      First I have selected the question number.  Then I have selected the text of the question.




      Now I have selected and tagged the first graphic:




      And now I'm trying to select the answer, True and it combines the question above WITH the first answer text, ignoring that the graphic should be read first:




      How can I get it to STOP grabbing things out of order?


      Thanks for any help!



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          CtDave Level 6



          TORU's "select" is of block levels of text flow. It is not designed for anything more granular.

          For less trial and tribulation you'd want to master content in the authoring file to establish the desired logical hierarchy.

          (e.g., if a "heading" then built-in headings used, using the insert table feature, etc.)

          Couple this with appropriate tag management (i.e., Acrobat's PDFMaker) to output a Tagged PDF that is well-formed.

          For the foreseeable future Acrobat Pro will be needed to "wrap it up" via the requisite post-processing work within the structure tree and the PDF page content (when applicable).


          With that said, if you have to manually tag the work environment needs to be the structure tree and an element's appropriate PDF page content.

          TORU lets you polish off any Table elements.


          Remember, AT uses the structure tree to ascertain the logical hierarchy and related  page content.

          Proper integration of structure tree - logical hierarchy - page content (a well-formed Tagged PDF) establishes the "order" for AT.


          With page content addressed move on to any form fields that may be present.


          A thumb-rule — if manually "tagging" stay away from the Order panel. Success lives in the Tags panel.


          Be well...


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            kallsen24 Level 1

            Thanks CtDave, I didn't understand all you wrote but "Success lives in the Tags panel" pointed me in the right direction!  I set my entire document using the Tags panel and, although a very lengthy process, worked like a charm. 


            Thanks again,