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    AIR App. which is creating Xml file and saving the Start and End of ....

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      Hi there,


      I'm just working with an AIR Application which creates and is saving the data to an Xml file.Number one function is creating all the Xml Nodes and saving all data including Start and End date/time (In separate Nodes) at the same time, and as the Start date/time which is OK, but if it comes to changing this End date/time later and saving it through the second function it is deleting the Start date/time or changing both Nodes to the End date/time.


      First function: If I do not include the End date/time it will not create the Node for it.


      xmlData.saveStartDate = new Date().toString();
      xmlData.saveEndDate = new Date().toString();          As is; it works alright as long it could be changed yet if it would only create the Node that would be OK also.


      Second function: Here I wanted to keep the Start date/time as saved in function one - But change and save the End date/time to the later and new date/time.


      xmlData.saveStartDate = new Date().toString();        Now here the Start date/time should stay the same !
      xmlData.saveEndDate = new Date().toString();         While this one is going to change !


      It would be appriciated if somebody has an ifdea towards this problem which could solve it !!! Thanks in advance regards aktell2007