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    Green Screen Editing


      I am currently using PRE 9 and just started using messing around with green screen.  This is an our first very short effort... http://mainelyportland.com/2012/03/12/video-real-estate-series-introduced/.  My question is the keying options.  You can use Videomerge, the Green Screen Key or the Chroma Key.  From my testing, the Videomerge offers the fewest options and the Chroma Key the most - but they are all different.  There are also quite a few other keys, for what uses I'm not certain.


      In amy case, are there any suggests for addtional reading or education on these keys and how they work - and under what condtions.  I'm trying to create for myslef a standard work flow that I know works.


      Also, some details on the how the garbagge matts work would really be helpful.


      Steve, I did see that you had a book on PRE tips - but are there suficient details on these topics



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Here's more details on my special effects book, Maine.



          In it I show you a couple of pretty good tricks with keying effects.


          Green Screen, Blue Screen, Chroma Key and Videomerge all do essentially the same thing -- convert a color or range of colors into transparency. But they each do certain things better.


          Chroma Key is the most versatile. Videomerge is the most automatic and easiest to use. And the color keys are, as you'd expect, pre-set to work with certain colors.