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    Selected DPS content blocked in mainland China?

    iceman07_jr Level 1

      This is in relation to our question yesterday re: Is DPS content being blocked in mainland China? (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4354992#4354992)


      Our app was made available in App Store recently. It was a multi-issue mag app created using DPS Pro. It works fine except when colleagues in mainland China alerted us that they can install the app but CANNOT DOWNLOAD the magazine issue. A salesperson there who initally could not open the magazine with the local 3G connection but managed when he used VPN.


      In the discussion, Bob replied that while the app can be downloaded anywhere, the mainland China government restricts users from downloading eternal content such as folios at this time.


      However, just learned from mainland China colleagues that they are able to download the Martha Stewart Living and Wired apps and their issues, which we believe were created using Adobe DPS.


      Does anybody know if mainland China has some sort of a "wait list" before releasing an app content in its country/territory?


      Is Adobe workng on systems to allow distribution into mainland China?


      An immediate response is greatly appreciated. Thanks.