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    Help please-CS5.5 why is the audio track not showing in timeline?

    Luvfilm Level 1

      I would sure appreciate your help.  I have been using Adobe Premiere 6, then 6.5 for years as a hobby.  I am a big Premiere fan.  Around November 2011, I upgraded to CS5.5.

      I was working on a video with my son recently.  We were using MPEG4 video from his digital camera.  I don't ever remember having this problem.

      The video imported fine.  The problem is the audio did not show up in the audio track.  When the video track was played, the audio played, but did

      not show.  Out of curiosity I opened Premiere Elements to see if the audio track would show separately from the video track and it did.

      Is there something I can do so that the audio track will  show up in CS5.5?


      Thank you for your time and help.