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    AWS pricing per month


      I'm not a technical guy and to be honest I'm struggling with some of the terminology on the pricing - can anyone help?  (Shiven, thanks for your recent help on the FMS licence costing).  Basically our service allows users to record video content live to a server and also to watch recorded content form the server.  We currently have a handful of users and the video at this stage is very small files (i.e. no more than 20MB per upload/download).  As you can tell, we're at the early days of start up and are trying to figure out the cost of switching to AWS now and how costs would scale as we develop.  I wouldn't hold you to a price but would you be able to give me a rough estimate of what I should expect to pay per month based on say 100 people using the site across a month?


      Thanks for any help you can provide!



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          ShivenK Level 3

          Hi Elvin,


          I think I understand your situation. AWS costing can vary depending upon the various AWS tools you use to assist your solution. External volumes, Elastic IPs to mention a few.

          As per my understanding, you are looking for a basic VOD solution with not much load. So you can probably give the 'Large' instance a try and see what it costs you over a period of days.

          The costing model is on a per hour basis. So you can do your calculations accordingly.

          Once you decide to scale up, you will need the Larger instances or probably even a combination of them to get going. But I suggest you at least get a hands on with the least costly instance first and then decide.


          Let me know if you have any other concerns.