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    Create OSGi Bundle for GSA JAPI

    Chetanya Jain



      We will be using GSA for the search feature for the website built in CQ5.4. For integration we are using GSA JAPI (http://gsa-japi.sourceforge.net/gsa-japi.html), however I am getting error with the JAR that was  converted to the OSGi Bundle based on the instructions given in the knowledge base "How to Convert a jar File into an OSGi Bundle" (http://dev.day.com/content/kb/home/cq5/Development/ApacheFelix/ConvertAJarIntoOsgiBundle.h tml).


      Error is in the import statement itself. Currently I have taken the source code and created the OSGi bundle, but then this is tedious to maintain. Can you please suggest on how to convert the jar to the osgi bundle or any other alternative solution.




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          Hi Chetanya,


          It sounds like you already have everything you need.  Regarding future maintenance of GSA JAPI, it looks like there hasn't been a new release in four years, so you might be safe there.  Also, you could consider submitting the manifest file you created back to the project - perhaps the maintainers would consider making an update?