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    Flex Builder 4.6 & MYSQL - how to configure amf_config.ini and gateway.php?


      Dear Flexer-users,


      I have uploaded my first flex builder project (version 4.6, testversion cause I'm a newbie) that communicates with an MYSQL database. The project is called MeinMuc and is just to checkout some basic database functions like add, update, delete etc.


      1. Offline:

      When I'm offline everything works fine. The project and the ZendFramework folder are both located in C:\wamp\www\


      2. Online:

      When I upload the project to my provider I keep the structure but it wont work.

      Here is the link to MeinMuc.html:



      And here is the link to my issue-file, amf_config.ini:



      When I open gateway.php (http://kd7854_6480.webspace23.do.de/MeinMuc-debug/gateway.php) I get some issues saying that the zend dir can not be found. But the path in amf_config.ini should be fine. I checked it by opening http://kd7854_6480.webspace23.do.de/ZendFramework/INSTALL.txt and this works.


      Does anyone knows what I'm doing wrong? I tried and googled a lot already but without any success so far.


      Thanks a lot and best regards, Andreas