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    One-time import from external database - best practices/guidance


      Hi everyone,


      I was wondering if there was any sort of best practice or guideline on importing content into CQ5 from an external data source.  For example, I'm working on a site that will have a one-time import of existing content.  This content lives in an external database, in a custom schema from a home-grown CMS.  This importer will be run once - it'll connect to the external database, query for existing pages, and create new nodes in CQ5 - and it won't be needed again.


      I've been reading up a bit about connecting external databases to CQ (specifically this:http://dev.day.com/content/kb/home/cq5/Development/HowToConfigureSlingDatasource.html), as well as the Feed Importer and Site Importer tools in CQ, but none of it really seems to apply to what I'm doing.  I was wondering if there exists any sort of guidelines for this kind of process.  It seems like something like this would be fairly common, and a requirement in any basic site setup.  For example:


      • Would I write this as a standalone application that gets executed from the command-line?  If so, how do I integrate that app with all of the OSGi services on the server?  Or,
      • Do I write it as an OSGi module, or a servlet?  If so, how would you kick off the process? Do I create a jsp that posts to a servlet?


      Any docs or writeups that anyone has would be really helpful.