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    Best Settings to import Native 525 interlaced 29.97 AJA codec 10 bit uncompressed masters in CS5.


      This is the note from the post house. "These are all 525 interlaced masters and digitized as that. So the ingest was native 525 29.97 AJA codec 10 bit uncompressed. Your timeline will have to match these settings. As with all telecine at that time, there was no 23.98 (24P) transfers. Hence all film is 3:2 pulldown and should be constant cadence although it might not be." 


      I have tried everything I can think of and burned test clips to DVD's as well. The best I have gotten was jumping over to progressive because the interlacing is a mess otherwise. These clips are all .mov. 720 X 486, when I drag them on the timeline it makes them progressive but the titles still jump. This is a turn key PC based system. THey came to me in .mov format.


      Any Ideas?  Thanks!