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    Including external files in projector


      Hi, I hope someone can help me.


      I would like to have one .exe file that contains my director movies and some pdf documents and a video. I thought I could include these external files with the “Add dependent files” when I create my projector, but this does not work.


      It does not give me an error when creating the projector, but when I test the projector on a different machine it looks for the pdf documents and video. I have selected the “Copy linked and dependent files” box when creating the projector.


      Is this possible what I am trying to do? What am I doing wrong?


      Thank you

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          lupuss Level 1

          Before you load the dependent files, there is a button 2 buttons up that needs to be checked that says something like "include dependent  files" (can't tell you the precise wording, since my Director is in German).

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            Wolfgang Herold Level 2

            from the manual:



            Linked cast files and dependent files that are in a relative path are copied to the same relative location to the projector as they are to the movie file. Linked cast files and dependent files that are in an absolute path to the movie file are copied to the Linked Files and Dependent Files folders, which are created automatically in the folder containing the projector.




            that means that this files are not packaged in the .exe!

            If you use this projector on another PC, you'll have also to copy this files with your projector.


            I, by myselve, create in all my projects a folder named media. Inside there are all linked files ( inside subfolders ordered by type).

            Before importing linked content, this will be first copied to one of this subfolders.

            So, if i add this "media" folder to my projector it will always find it's content.