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    Color difference when using a different programs


      I find this very odd, but now that I am using multiple program within the Creative Suite I am beginning to notice color differences. For instance, if I use hex: #200add in Photoshop it renders a different blue then in Illustrator or InDesign. Why is this? And how can I keep the colors consistent? It's not just with hex colors but with RGB/CYMK. Is there a way I can move my color specs from Photoshop to InDesign and Illustrator?


      It's the same monitor, same file, same everything, but a different program renders a different color. I am also running CS5.5 on a iMac


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          gator soup Level 4

          Hex color shifts appearance on screen depending on what source ICC profile is being used (or passed through to the monitor) and the monitor profile


          in other words hex color on the monitor seems to be dependent on the profile (colorspace) it was set in and how different the monitor profile is from that profile (colorspace)


          to keep it consistent in a Web browser, Convert your files to sRGB before setting a hex color before saving for web


          acuracy is a different matter




          A real problem for Web designers and color-managed Web browsers is mixing tagged and untagged color where the graphic background needs to "match" or blend seamlessly into an HTML background color. The choice really boils down to designing Web pages for color consistency or color accuracy...MORE (see the COLOR CONSISTENCY vs. COLOR ACCURACY tutorial)


          printing, I would think, is bound by the same rules


          Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator -- you could start by syncing your Color Settings in those apps and being aware of the rules (how each app uses profiles) but i don't think there is a simple answer here

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            John Danek Level 4

            I agree with Gator in that you should sync your color settings for all CS apps.  You can do this using "Bridge" or separately in each application.