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    Organizing data


      I am currently creating a form that asks researchers for new grants to fill out specific financial information for that grant.  The problem starts with breaking down the information by year for the grant.  I created skip logic options for every year of a grant as some have 1 year of financial information and some have 5 years.  The same questions are asked for each year of the grant and I wanted to display the information seperately for each year. The only way I can think to accomplish this is to have the researchers submit a new form for each year which would be a pain.  Is there any way to appoint certain information to be displayed on a seperate line once it is submitted?  A quick example would be supply costs for the grant in year 6 costs $100 and supply costs in year 7 costs $150.  In excel there will be two columns labeled supply costs and they will be displayed on the same row.