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    I got stuck on "Getting Started" guide


      I'm obviously new to C++. Sorry, for a question that might seem obvious to you.


      I can compile the Helloworld project. I cannot get it to run.


      I can not complete the instructions for the "Visual C++ template." I've copied the file and folders to they're appropriate places. Visual Studio gives me an error when I'm trying to create the project.


      I did compile the Annotator sample and it did run properly.


      I started out with Visual Studio 2008. I'm also trying the Visual Studio 11 beta... even more problematic.


      I've downloaded the SDK twice. Thinking something may have been corrupted.


      Has anyone gotten this to work with Visual Studio 2008?


      Is there a problem with one of the template files or is there something wrong with the instructions or is there something wrong with my brain?


      thank you for your help,

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          A. Patterson Level 4

          Studio 2011 might be problematic. I haven't given that a try yet (no reason to at our end since we're stuck on 2005 for the forseeable future anyways). And its not officially supported by the SDK yet. Not sure if it will be until a fair bit in the future (though I'm not saying its not doable, it probably is).


          Honestly, I've always just taken a good sample project and modified it to be my basis. If you open up the vcproj (or whatever the extension is in 2008) and .sln, you can just do search & replace on 'annotator' or whatever the project is called to give a name you like Then you just change the name in code and once it all compiles you can make your own plugin. Its honestly easier than building one from the template. At least, I find it that way.