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    Enabling Usage Rights In A Form Created In Older LC, But Updated In Newer Version of LC

    Maribethlm Level 1

      Has anyone run into the situation where updates have been made in a form that was originally created in an older version of LC with a newer version not enabling the usage rights for Reader?  I have a form that I created that was done in an older version, and I recently needed to make updates to it, and I now have Adobe Pro X.  Anyone who has Adobe Standard or higher can access the form and fill it out, but if someone only has Reader, they really cannot do anything with it.  It has created a problem in my office.  Once we figured out what was going on, I had to find someone with Adobe Pro 8 to pull up the form and enable the usage rights in Reader.  I'm really hoping it is that I am missing something, but I don't know.


      Here is how the form is set up as a default:

      LC-Form Properties.jpg

      Thanks for any help that you can give me!