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    Parent child window events where child window comes from different library.


      I have an AIR application that consumes a separate library.  This library contains notification popup windows.  I have created a new event type in this library that contains a bit of extra data when a user clicks a link in the popup window. I need to pass this data back to the parent/calling window via event handlers. In the MXML of the popup window, I defined an event type, as well as dispatch the event when the link is click.  I've debugged and watched the code and seen that the child MXML IS indeed dispatching the event properly. HOWEVER the parent window is not getting the event.


      I have registered the parent window to listen for the custom event but it's just not getting it for some reason.  I've ensured that all the spellings are correct and all that.


      Was hoping that someone might have some info on how events work between a main application and a library.