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    Audio issues importing BPAV folder

    drfleming Level 1

      I am shooting XDCAM EX footage on a Sony PMW320 camera with 4 mono channels of audio.  I have a very basic problem I can't seem to get an answer for:


      I copy the BPAV folder from the SxS card to my local RAID drive.  When I use Media Browser or just import the entire BPAV folder using file-->import, my audio comes in as "48000 Hz - Compressed - Mono," in one channel.  If I browse to the SxS card itself and import from there (which is not practical), then the audio comes in as "48000 Hz - 16-bit - 4 Mono" in four channels as it should be.


      Why is just moving the BPAV folder off the card and onto a local drive causing this to happen with the audio?  Please help!