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    My Flash movie stops for no apparent reason.

    Erik Bays

      Using Flash Professional CS5. Publishing to Flash Player 9 and ActionScript 3. I've also tried publishing to Flash Player 8 and 10.  My movie is made up of multiple short scenes and has minimal animation. It is about 12 minutes long and once published and played it stops in a scene about 2 minutes from the end for no apparent reason. There are no script in the entire movie except a stop(); at the end. There are scenes with far more animation than the one that it stops at. It stops there both when I play the swf on my local computer and when I publish it online, so it's not a buffering problem. It happens on two different computers.  I have FlashPlayer 10 installed.  I have deleted all the scenes except the audo on the scene that it stops on, and it still freezes.  I have deleted the audio and left the rest and it still freezes.  I am on the trial of Flash; does it limit the length of movies?