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    Why am I unable to edit by Audio Time Units? I am pulling my hair out here.

    msp1518 Level 1

      I am attempting to do a little project and it is making me insane because even though Show Audio Time Units is checked, I am unable to do so. I can only edit by film frames. This seems like complete madness. I have never had this happen before and so I am unable to sync the sound. This is crucial since I shot with a super8 and need to fix the rubber lips.


      Is there some crazy rare bug that can cause this? I'm all ears. CS5 Premiere Pro.


      I have both an MPEG2 file at 29.97 (backup reference video shpot digitally) and a super8 transfer in 1080p at 29.97 (originally shot at 18fps and provided as a 29.97 fps AVI). Audio is a stereo wave file.


      Previous projects like this were cake. So I'm going insane here.