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    windows edited/saved project crashing on  mac (adobe premiere cs5)

    Christopher Worcester

      hi there


      i really hope you can help.


      i have edited video files on adobe premiere cs5 on a windows 7 machine and saved the project ffiles on an external drive formy friend to colour grade and finalise etc

      he can open the video files in adobe premiere, but its crashing his mac system and some video files arent opening


      he says he has all the latest codec files but it has gone to the extent of the files crashing his system and it won't boot..


      my files were a mixture of mpeg and avi files...


      is there anything that can be causing this problem.



      he is in a different city from me, so i am not going to see him for a while and i want these video files edited as soon as really



      thanks and i hope you can suggest thingss that may help finding the problem