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    When moving picture it copies itself



      first of all I'm very new to Adobe Flash Pro CS 5 so just getting started with using the program...

      Unfortunately I've encountered a big problem:

      In Action Script 3.0 : When I import a picture (JPEG-Format) to the stage and move it around to align it with the stage or just put it the way I want to, it always copies itself - each time. So if I move the picture from position A to position B, finally I've got the picture twice: One in pos. A (the old one, in the background) and the same picture now on pos. B, where I wanted it to be (foregound). That happens each time I move the picture in any way ending up in having a lot of pictures on the screen which I'd need to delete one by one - not a good base to work! Now my question: do you have an idea what the reason or my fault is and how I can prevent it from happening? When the problem occurs I use the selection tool (Shortcut V) and didn't make any perferences - just the way it is when I start a new project.
      I absolutely have got no idea and really hope that you can help me!

      Thanks for your time.


      PS: If needed I can also record a video for showing my problem or do a screenshot...