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    How do I get the histogram to give me an accurate reading?

    kswezy Level 1


      I use the histogram feature in PS to help me figure out how many square feet of yarn I will use in a rug that I am making (I work as a rug designer). I am running into a problem with this which is scary because my numbers have to be accurate.


      As an example, I may have a 9x12 (inch--this is later blown up to feet using a transparency) drawing. In the drawing there may be 45 organic looking shapes that will be green. I use the magic wand tool and choose all of these green shapes. What I am noticing is that once I get to a certain number (not always consistent) in the histogram reading it will all of a sudden change to a different number and go to (for example) Cache 3. Because of this I have no idea if my histogram reading is accurate.


      Is this some sort of memory issue? How do I prevent this from happening so that I can get an accurate histogram reading?


      Thanks so much. Once this gets figured out I will be so less stressed out! I am new to this job and trying to not start out by making huge and expensive mistakes!