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    Flash CS5 crashing when opening fla file


      Flash is immediately crashing when I try to open an fla file created by a student. She has two copies of the file; neither will open. I'm hoping she hasn't lost all her work. The crash is happening on more than one machine. Does anyone know of any way to get the file opened?



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          nocturnal YL

          If it's a Flash CS5 or CS5.5 file, you can try to rename the file's extension to .zip, and investigate the XML files inside.


          If you're sure it's in CS5+ format but it can't open as a ZIP file, try repairing it with recovery tools for ZIP files.


          It'll need quite a lot of detective work, but the file being saved as zipped XML means it's possible to recover faulty files. This trick works for any format that's XML-based - recent versions of Office files, Audition CS5.5 SESX, etc.

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            teryg Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion.


            It's definitely CS5 (not 5.5). I tried renaming it to .zip and unzipping, got Unable to Expand . . . Operation not permitted. I'll look around for Mac recovery tools for zip files. I've never had to do anything to a zip file before.