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    Best way to download YouTube video?


      So, I read this article from MacWorld, and followed its advice. I downloaded this DownLoad Helper thing on my comp (Mac OS 10.6.8, browser Firefox 11):


      http://www.macworld.com/article/1164336/how_to_download_youtube_videos_using_safari_or_fir efox.html


      Now, from YouTube.com, I can download as .webm file format, and as .flv, neither of which can I import into Premier Elements 10. I think I need .mov or .mpeg


      But converting video file formats is tricky because it asks me this:


      What does this mean? I tried to follow instructions and "Configure conversion" but I keep running in circles and coming back to this pop-up box.


      What is happening? Is it possible to download video sfrom YouTube in a format that can be imported into Premier Elements 10?

      Thank you

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          Steve Grisetti Mythic

          If you load Mozilla Firefox as your browser, you can add any number of add-ons that will allow you to download from YouTube in any number of formats. (I use one called Easy YouTube Downloader.) These add-ons are available on the Mozilla site.


          The MP4s you get aren't the ideal format for Premiere Elements -- but I've gotten decent results on short pieces. I sure wouldn't recommend downloading entire TV programs and editing them in Premiere Elements! (That's not what either program is designed to do anyway.) But it will work on a well-tuned system.


          Meantime, whatever software you do find, I urge you to respect the copyright of the source material. Just because you can swipe copyrighted material from the web doesn't mean you should, after all!

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            Hoboken2012 Newcomer

            Thank you.


            Yes, I know, of course. I was going to download maybe some quick 15 second generic videos...Generic everyday scenes, not anything professional. And just icorporate them in my montage, not edit them. I don't even have time for that and that was not my intention.


            Anyway, would you happen to know what is the best way to incorporate video in a webpage? I guess I would put in my video in an HTML page just like I would put an image. But which file format is best, to be viewed on desktop and iPad? Is this too much to ask? Is it either/or, for desktop and iPad?


            Thank you

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              Steve Grisetti Mythic

              WMVs (Windows Media) are considered the universal web page video file since almost any computer can play them. But iPads usually can't play them. Like FLVs (Flash) make a great web format, if you embed a Flash player in your web page. But guess what: Apple is boycotting Flash in the hopes of killing it. Most iPods, iPads and iPhones are able to play it pretty much on YouTube and Facebook but nowhere else.


              iPads will play MOVs and so will most computers, if Windows users download the player. But it doesn't come on Windows.


              Best bet for the web is probably an MP4 set up to iPod specs (Share/Portable Devices/iPod Medium Quality). But for best results make sure you've created to the exact size of the space on your web page you're planning to fill.

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                Hoboken2012 Newcomer

                Thank you.


                That's OK. I can create one link for PC people, and another for iPad users. So, WMV for PC and MOV for iPad. OK, thanks. I will try that and let you know how it works.


                Now comes a really dumb question. I am working in Premier Elements 10. I have a video that I am working on. How do I know what my size is? Like, in pixels?

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                  Steve Grisetti Mythic

                  Are you talking about the video you're editing or the video you're outputting?


                  The video you're outputting depends on the layout of your web page and how big a space you're trying to fill. (360x240 is usually a typical size for a web-based WMV.)


                  The video you're editing (hence your project specs) depends on the resolution of your source video. That's easy to figure out if you're working with standard video from a camcorder. A bit harder with video you're downloading from YouTube.


                  You can try opening the video in a program like G Spot or Media Info and seeing what they list as the video specs.

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                    Hoboken2012 Newcomer

                    It looks like I probably will not use YouTube after all. Maybe, not sure.


                    My source material comes from all sorts of phones actually. People emailed clips to me and I am montaging it all together. I don't really understand the sizing issue and they are not talking about it in tutorials on Lynda.com.


                    I am talking about the video I am outputting. Isn't there a box, while you output, that asks you at what resolution/size you want to output? I don't need anything glamorous (big, hires, looking super professional), I just need it to play well. It's not for WOW purposes, it's for research only. It is a combination of interviews, that's all.

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                      Steve Grisetti Mythic

                      If you're going to be editing video from smart phones, then Premiere Elements is probably not the best tool for the job.


                      I'd look into a program called Quicktime Pro, a $29 download from Apple.


                      It's not nearly the editor Premiere Elements is -- but at least you won't go crazy trying to get it to behave with these MP4s. In fact, they should load right into it.

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                        Hoboken2012 Newcomer

                        Too late, I already bought Premier Elements 10. I must say I haven't had any problems loading files. I did a rough draft of my video, exported to something (I forgot what file format I exported to) and converted to WMV. I burned that WMV on a DVd and gave it to my client.


                        She hooked up her PC to the wide screen in a conference room, and tested the video. Worked like a charm.


                        Video is only 12 minutes long. It will be about 6-7 at the end; I have to edit now.


                        So, what I am doing now works for my purposes, unless I am not aware of some potential danger?


                        I used Wondershare video converter to export as WMV. I used trial version. I can buy it, for my final output, so I don't have the watermark. Is that what you would recommend for conversion?

                        Thank you

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                          Hoboken2012 Newcomer

                          Plus, I really like Premier Elements. I like the interface, I am familiar with it from years ago...PE has few really good tutorials on Lynda.com, etc.

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                            Steve Grisetti Mythic

                            All I can do is make my recommendation, Hoboken. It may work for you. In my experience, though, you're more likely to find yourself with more trouble than it's worth.


                            So my next recommendation would be to try a few samples of video from your various sources and see what your results are before you commit to a major project. Take these files all the way through to output. Mix them. Apply effects. Give it all a good test drive.


                            If it works, you're good to go. If not, we're probably not going to be able to make it so.

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                              Hello. I think you can get help from a youtube video recorder. Considering from all aspects, it works well in youtube video downloading and converting tasks. This tool can convert videos to various formats, so you can import them to Premier Elements easily.