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    Upgrading from After Effects CS5 to CS6

    johnd59898678 Level 1

      I am creating a new post for this since my previous post on Design Premium was "Answered" yeaterday.


      I went ahead and purchased the Creative Suite Design Premium 5.5 Upgrade today which apparently includes a FREE upgrade to CS6 Web & Design Premium Package following its release (i.e. if you pay for the upgrade from 5.0 to 5.5 before May 6th you get a FREE Upgrade to CS6).


      Unfortunately Design Premium Suite of products does not include AE so I have always had to purchase that upgrade separately. Am I correct that there is no such similar upgrade incentive for a single product like After Effects CS5 as is being offered on the Design Premium Suite right now?


      Regarding my After Effects "standalone" copy, from what I can tell, my upgrade cost to CS6 would be the same as if I had never upgraded to CS5 (i.e. the upgrade price to CS 6 from CS3 or CS4 is the same as upgrading from CS5) - about $350, but if I upgraded to AE_CS5.5 then the jump to CS6 would be about $175, but if I upgrade "now" to AECS5.5, it would be $179 + another $175 when AECS6 comes out - is that right? $179 seems like a fair upgrade price from AE_CS5 to AE_CS6, but $350 is pretty steep for just one product - especially since 5.5 was not a full incremental jump?


      Am I missing something? From where I am right now, my only path from AE_CS5 to AE-CS6 is about $350? (i.e. about the same price as being forced into the entire Cloud Subscription the first year?). Also, about the same as what I paid today to get ALL my other CS5 Apps upgraded to CS6 in total.