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    Cannot play or burn a slideshow in Premier Elements


      I am very frustrated.  I've been struggling with this problem for days without success.  I created two slideshows in Elements 10 and imported them into Premier Elements 10.  The entire project now consists of the two slideshows and about an hour's worth of video.  Both slideshows play back perfectly in Elements, but in Premier Elements one of the slideshows and the video play back perfectly, however in the other slideshow the music is out of sync with the photos, and an apparently random batch of photos shift their orientation from landscape to portrait. 


      All photos were taken at the same time on one or another of the same two cameras.  Upon advice of paid customer support, I updated my video driver and reinstalled Premier Elements 10...to no avail.  And on their advice, I rendered both slide shows...to no avail. 


      Finally, I cannot seem to burn the bolixed up project.  Upon trying multiple times, the program chokes at 99% complete on the burn.


      Can anyone give me any ideas?