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    Render Work Area - black bars


      I've recently upgraded from CS5 to 5.5 on 2 edit suites, and have the same problem with both:


      I've got footage on a timeline - in this instance, a lossless avi rendered from AE.


      On the timeline, the render state shows yellow.


      If I move the play head, the still screen in the "Program" window is perfect.


      If I play the timeline, it also looks perfect


      However, if I render the work area (Shift Enter), the Programme window then shows a black bar at the sides and bottom of the screen.




      So... I deleted the render files, and Exported, with Match Sequence Settings.


      Same thing on the exported file, a black border at bottom and sides.


      This is only since the upgrade - what setting have I got wrong?


      Help much appreciated!