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    Missing ebook


      Hi to all Users of Adobe Digital Editions,


      I have recently moved my ADE Library from one computer (OS:Vista) to another (OS: Windows 7).  I transferred my library across to the Windows 7 computer and successfully registered it with Adobe AIR and the Adobe Digital Editions.  I can open the free content and one book I purchased.  However I am unable to open another purchased book (this cost me about $200 to purchase).  The library window shows the front cover but I cannot open it and is has "Missing"across the front cover.    Has anyone had this sort of problem and been able to solve it.


      I am very disappointed that there is no way to access help from Adobe unless I call them on an International number at Pacific Time.  I cannot see any facility to send an email question to them.  Any solutions for this?




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          I have just encountered a similar problem on my Mac. I bought an ebook which came with ADE. I was able to read it, no problem. Then I upgraded the Mac (after backing up everything) from OSX 10.5.8 to OSX 10.6.8; and now ADE cannot see the ebook, though it is where it should be! Evidently the link has been broken by the upgrade, but how can I repair it?


          This is my first venture into the world of ebooks - and I am not impressed!



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            Jim_Lester Level 4

            If it says missing, then ADE can't find the file.  You should bring up the info dialog (select it and press ctrl+i) to see where it thinks the file is, and try to look for it there on the old computer.

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              JuleMK Level 1

              I'd better explain that with me there's no 'old computer', it's the same one with an upgraded OS. Also, I knew exactly where the file was, though ADE didn't! I had a look round various possible sources of advice on the web; some suggested that I rerun the .acsm file used to install the ebook, but it was not in the ADE directory. I did come across a new version of ADE itself (2.0) so I installed that; and while it was downloading I noticed that the .acsm file I needed was still in the 'downloads' folder. So when ADE was installed, I reran the .acsm file, and a second copy of the ebook appeared in ADE and I could read it! I deleted the 'missing' ebook and all was well.

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                This remains the valid answer, and you should get credit for it. Selecting and using Command-I (Mac) gives you all the information you need to search "All My Files" for a fair-sized chunk of the relocated file-name(s). In Mac OS, you then drag and drop it/them onto the open ADE page. They will then show up as new books, and you can delete the ones that showed as missing.