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    D7000 with CS5.5 choppy video in H264

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      I'm new to video and Premiere Pro and I've been trying to troubleshoot the cause of choppy video when I upload to Youtube. I've read in the forums about changing the .mov files produced by the D7000 into .mpg files, but so far that hasn't stopped my uploaded vids from pixellating--badly when there's quite a bit of motion in the scene, and sometimes to a lesser extent when not much is happening.


      Initially, I thought the video was just too much for each computer viewing it, because different machines (home laptop, work laptop, ipad, etc...) show the problem areas a little differently. The quality of the video when uploaded is good, so if needed I can back off in that respect. I'll be producing videos regularly for my job and need to get this issue remedied.


      Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.