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    Fonts not being recognized by ID server


      Hi Experts,


      We are having terrific inconsistent behaviour with Indesign server.


      Currently we have an set of Indesign servers instances(k1-k13) running on one windows server machine managed by one LBQ.All of them

      share the same set of plugins and same environment including the Fonts folder and the Fonts link present in it


      we find that inconsistent results are coming up for fonts in the same Indesign File on the same machine but with different instances

      of Indesign server.


      On furthur investigation we found that this is something specific to one instance K8 running. It doesn't recognize the font Aria

      lMTBoldLE but say for another instance on the same machine like K6 the same font is being recognized. The same instance K8 seems to not recognize the other f

      onts also.


      We are unable to find out inspite lots of googling also. Any advise on this will be welcomed.