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    Creating a interactive prerendered 3d presentation.


      Hello I'm creating a presentation in adobe flash pro cs5. I wanted a interface of buttons that would if you clicked on one of them play a prerendered movie clip that would after it has been played be jumping to another keyframe and stay on that keyframe. Then from that keyframe you would be able to play another video clip and jump to another keyframe. To create the illusion of 3d by using prerendered clips. I hope you get what I mean.


      Anyway in order to do this I need a few commands for controlling the timeline. I think it's the commands for jumping to a certain frame then stopping at a certain frame.

      Two commands I can't find in the confusing menu of action commands. Also for a file like this what would be the best type of document to use. Flash project I presume?


      Sorry I'm very new to flash...