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    Export everything into swf?


      I have linked music into my .fla with this actionscript:


      public var chpt1Theme:Sound = new Sound(new URLRequest('Interlude1.mp3'));

              public var chpt1ThemeSC:SoundChannel;


      How do I package the music into the swf so the swf is completely independent? When I export -> movie, the sound is not included?


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you have to import it (file/import) which will increase your swf's file size.


          you would then use different code after assigning your sound a class and using the "new" constructor. 


          why do you want the sound to be part of the swf?  that's usually not wise.

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            Windbrand1 Level 1

            I need to embed it into the swf since then everything would load together. If I link it as a URLRequest then the sound won't load until the URLRequest is called, which is not at the beginning of the swf, which sometimes may create delays.

            Can you tell me how to embed it? I've already imported the music files into the library. They are mp3 format.