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    Problems with a tagged text


      Hi All,


      I should transfer by means of a script some tagged text from a FrameText.to another..The problem is that this text is a bit screwed up. That'to say I get something like that:


      <DefineParaStyle:Text=<Nextstyle:Text><cTypeface:Bold><cSize:9.000000><cTracking:10><pText Composer:HL Composer><cLeading:12.000000><pSpaceBefore:8.503937><pTabRuler:8.503937007874017\,Left\,. \,0\,\;><cFont:Arial><pTextAlignment:JustifyLeft><pSpancolumnType:2><pSpanColumnCount:3><p SplitColumnInsideGutter:14.173228><pGridAlign:BaseLine>>

      <ParaStyle:NormalParagraphStyle><pTextComposer:HL Single><pHyphenationZone:38.475000><pRuleAboveStroke:1.068750><pRuleBelowStroke:1.068750> <pTextAlignment:Right><pSplitColumnInsideGutter:6.412500><cColor:C\=100 M\=30 Y\=50 K\=0><cSize:64.125000><cStrokeWeight:1.068750><cLeading:53.437500><cFont:Arial><cMiterLim it:4.275000><cKentenSize:-1.068751>Weltweit<cColor:><cSize:><cStrokeWeight:><cLeading:><cFont:><cMiterLimit:><cKentenSize:><pTextComp oser:><pHyphenationZone:><pRuleAboveStroke:><pRuleBelowStroke:><pTextAlignment:><pSplitCol umnInsideGutter:><ParaStyle:NormalParagraphStyle><pTextComposer:HL Single><pHyphenationZone:38.475000><pRuleAboveStroke:1.068750><pRuleBelowStroke:1.068750> <pTextAlignment:Right><pSplitColumnInsideGutter:6.412500><cColor:C\=100 M\=30 Y\=50 K\=0><cSize:64.125000><cStrokeWeight:1.068750><cLeading:53.437500><cFont:Arial><cMiterLim it:4.275000><cKentenSize:-1.068751>beobachtet



      When this text is placed in textframe all the formatting gets lost...I have seen instead that when after Weltweit is inserted a /n  and then one has this structure





      the formatting is again valid at least for 'WeltWeit'.


      Is there a way to properly restructuring such a text? A parser o something like that to properly interrupt each line?


      And another question I'd like to ask. Which formatting language is this? I mean is a standard o something proprietary of Adobe?


      Many thanks!


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          L. Guy O'Rojo Level 2

          I don't understand your scenario. If you have text in one frame, exporting it as tagged text and then importing that tagged text file into another frame in the same document should result in exactly the same formatted text. If you were to copy and paste via script you would also get the same formatted text. Also, always state what computer platform and scripting language you are using, thanks.

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            CaccamoAntonio Level 1



            you're right. It is not so evident :-) The text is copied from another document, saved in a section of  a temporay XML file and then pasted to a TextFrame in another document. The source/destination computer platform can be Mac oder Win...I know that's a bit complicated, but I cannot change it, as it's a requirement of a customer of us :-(


            Many thanks

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              Your tagged text is corrupt because of the forum software, so it is hard to tell. Please use the Advanced Editor and paste in the tagged text with >> XML formatting to preserve its nature.


              Is this the minimal example that is placed incorrectly? Are you certain your XML transport is not the problem?