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    Text along a circle

    mhossey Level 1

      Okay, I've watched a tutorial on this, and I think my illustrator preferences might be different or changed up a bit (mac)


      Whenever I click to add text to this  path, it starts the text at a different point on the path instead of directly where I clicked. If you can see it, towards the left side of the circle where it says "path" in green. Thats where I clicked, but as you can see the actual text would start a little further on the right side


      How can I change this

      Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 10.43.23 AM.png




      Also I will add. Once I do type my text it is no longer selectable. After typing I switch up to my direct select tool, and as I hover over the text nothing happens. I cant select it, I can only select the blue bars on the sides of it. I want to be able to select my text also. Shouldnt the blue bars be at the end and the beginning of the text, not so far away from it

      Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 10.47.14 AM.png

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You posted in the wrong forum, but I think I can answer your question regardless. The green stuff are the snapping info overlays, the text is still always initially placed at the first vertex of a path wit hrespect to the chosen formatting options for kerning/ spacing etc.. You can change that once the text has been created by dragging the text anchor...