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    Typing in the index box doesn't scroll the index topics

    epsobolik Level 1

      This has been a bug for quite a while (v5?).  We are using v7 now.  We have a large help system.  Generating WebHelp with RoboHelp for Word.  We are calling context help using the Robohelp_CSH.cpp function RH_ShowHelp().  What we are seeing is that when the user types into the index box (where it says 'Type in the keyword to find'), the list of index topics doesn't scroll to what the user is typing.  If we run the help 'standalone' by double clicking on the 'root' .htm file, it works fine.  We have users that find this very offensive.  One actually got a hold of the president of the company and gave him 'an earfull' about it.  Called us incompetent, etc.  I downloaded the trial of v9 to see if it had been corrected.  But it hasn't.  Has anyone seen this?  Is there a fix?