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    Rearrange Photo Layer


      Is there a way to unlock the photo layer to rearrange it? Is this a feature that could be added?


      What I'm looking to do is to load in a shape template to design. For example, let's say I was designing surface graphics for a motorcycle and I wanted to sketch in Adobe Ideas so that I can sketch on my iPad. I'm able to create a template in Photoshop that is a transparent PNG where the areas that I want to design graphics are transparent. I'm able to bring this PNG into Adobe Ideas on the photo layer. But I want to be able to move that photo layer to the top layer and be able to draw on layers beneath it so that they are masked out by the transparent PNG. I'm able to do this in Photoshop Touch and it works great, but unfortunately Photoshop Touch does not have the vector tools that are available in Adobe Ideas. All of the designs I'd be interested in working on for this project would be vector based, so Adobe Ideas is really the correct tool.



      Stephen Jensen

      F3 Studios


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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Stephen,


          You can switch from the hand tool to the move tool to resize and reposition the background image but I think thats the extent of whats currently possible related to what you want to do


          You would also need to be able to


          - Move the photo layer to anywhere within the layer stack

          - Have the photo support transparency. I saved a PNG with a transparent background from PS Touch to Camera Roll and imported it but the transparency was lost


          I was going to suggest PS Touch until I got to the part in your post that you already had and were working with PS Touch.


          I created the following idea thread requesting the fucntionality



          I created a single thread because both would be required