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    Export Multi-Page Document as Individual PDF's, Exporting Layers

    ryan.marchese Level 1

      I'm not sure if there is a way to do this (I've scoured through the Export dialogues and I'm not sure if what I am looking for is counter-intuitively labelled or just doesn't exist). What I would like to do is take a multi-page document and export it so that each page is it's own PDF - from a single Export. I know that there are ways to split PDF's in Acrobat, but we are trying to streamline our workflow so I'd prefer if this can just be done in one step at the time of PDF creation.


      The other issue I am running into, when I export a PDF with layers, the elements on the layers are rearrangting themselves. For example: I have a 45 page document, with 3 layers (Dieline, Background, Artwork). When I export the PDF, all of the layers are in the proper order, but only Page 1 has the creative elements on the proper layers (Pages 2-45 take all artwork and move it up to the top-most layer).