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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 Dynamic Linking Broken


      I have a project in Premiere Pro CS5.5. Brough in all my greenscreen footage and did my edits. When I got picture lock from client I "replace with after effects comp" and did my keying in AE. This worked great throughout the project until yesterday when doing some final tweaks. Premiere would not load all the media, it got to 222 items reamaing and stalled, for hours! Then I moved the folder where all my graphics where and skipped the files when loading premiere and premiere then opened. I relinked all my graphics just fine, but when it came to relinking my AE dynamic link projects, got the spinning beach ball. I figured I would just let it spin overnight and see what happened in the am. 12 hours later it was still spinning. This is very frusterating and I can't think what I did to mess it up or if it's a dynamic link problem. I may have opened and edited the AE project without premiere open, maybe thats what messed it up. Any thoughts?


      Mac Pro 8-core 3ghz

      12 GB ram

      6TB fibre channel drive


      Mac OS 10.7.3

      Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 (all up to date)