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    Indesign 5.5  a serious error was detected


      We have Indesign 5.5 that crashes everytime it's starts wiht the error message "A serious error was detected. Please restart...".  If I remove the plugins from the Applications\Indesign\Plugins folder it starts up with no problem. I've re-installed the plugins from the installation package and the error returns. I've copied the plugins from a working computer to no avail. There are only a few plugins that fail, but would like to keep all of them working in InDesign. I've disabled Fusion 3 to see if it was preventing it from working.  Preferences files were deleted to no avail.  This is definitely a plugin issue but don't know how to resolve. Any help is greatly appreciated.


      The computer is an iMac 10.7.3 - Adobe CS5.5 - Fusion 3