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    Securing A PDF File


      I am totally new to this, and an avowed techno-dinosaur, so please forgive my ignorance.

      I currently sell a manual online that is a hard copy, which requires printing and shipping on my part.  I want these days to be over.  The idea of offering an auto-download of my manual in PDF is intriguing.  No production costs, no shipping costs, and less hands on for me.  But my concern with this is that after purchase the PDF can be copied, shared, and pirated to any distant port in the world.  Ideally, the purchase of my manual would be locked to the device it was originally downloaded to and can go no further.  No copying, no emailing, no printing.   I'm told this is possible with Acrobat X Pro, which I have, version 10.1.3

      Is this, in fact, possible?  Can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to create such a secure document?  Thank you!

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          EnterpriseHelp Adobe Employee

          I won't say what you want is impossible because I don't know all the software and products out there. However, if you send a PDF to someone, how can any software stop someone from sending it via email? If someone is only viewing online, it still means the bits are downloaded to the machine. If you lock the document via certificate or password security, you have to send the cert or password to the user. What keeps them from sharing it?


          So the short answer is Acrobat allows restricting the user from certain actions via passwords, certificate security, and signatures, but all these methods still require trusting the user to some extent. Tieing a PDF to a particular machine is beyond Acrobat's capability.


          You should find an online forum concerning Digital Right Management and protecting your content and post there.