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    Calculation errors when entering currency formatted numbers


      I am creating a form that has several fields, all defined as numbers using currency formatting:

      CurrentBase which is the monthly pay rate which the user enters

      CurrentYearly which is the annual pay rate and is calculated as CurrentBase * 12 -- this is read-only

      CurrentOvertime which is an estimate based on 6% of the CurrentYearly and which the user can override.


      As a OnBlur event in CurrentBase I use this code:


      var cYear=this.getField("CurrentYearly");

      cYear.value=this.getField("CurrentBase").value* 12;



      I also have a CurrentTotal field which is the sum of CurrentYearly and CurrentOvertime, set in the custom calculation script for CurrentTotal as:


      this.getField("CurrentTotal").value=this.getField("CurrentYearly").value+this.getField("Cu rrentOvertime").value;


      Here is the problem:


      If I enter a CurrentBase, such as 1234 my script correctly calculates the CurrentYearly ($14,808.00), CurrentOvertime ($888.48) and CurrentTotal ($15,696.48) correctly.

      Now if I override the CurrentOvertime using something like 555.00 the total calculates correctly, in this case $15,363.00

      But if I type 555. (omitting the decimal values) my CurrentTotal displays as $14,808,555.00


      This seems to be a bug.  Any thoughts on why and how to fix it.