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    Booklet print with Epson B-310


      Just got an Epson B-310 with a duplex attachment.  Trying to print a test 8 page booklet.  Pages are 5.5"x8.5" for folded letter size paper.  If duplex is off, all text is positioned correctly (centered on the page).  If I duplex with the first landscape mode, the second set of pages printed on the back side (pages 2,7 and 4,5) are shifted to the right 0.5".  If I use the second landscape mode (reversing the print) the second set of pages is shifted left 0.5".  Any ideas on what setting I am missing?  Epson basically says "Since we don't support Adobe InDesign I'm not sure what settings to tell you to select or change for the margin setup you desire."  I hope it is just a setting I have not found yet.  The previews look correct.  The print is shifted on the pages coming out of the duplexor.