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    How do I hide a pulldown menu if one of it's values has been selected but not others?


      Through searching this forum, I've been able to figure out how to hide pull downs and fields that only have numeric info in them. I.e if the user selects. or if the pulldown value is zero. The item does not show or print on the form.  What I cannot find, is how do you accomplish this if the values in the  pulldowns are text? I.E. the pull down has three choices "choose an item", "ITEM 1", "ITEM 2". It defaults to "choose an item" and if left this way, I want it to be hidden or set to null, but if ITEM 1 or 2 are selected. Then it shows/prints ITEM 1 or ITEM 2 in the spot.


      thank you for your help on this issue.