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    Problem with Dynamic link between Premiere and After Effects when using Roto Brush


      Ok, I've got a problem. I'm creating this video (PSA announcement) in which a kid is standing before a mirror/sink and I filmed him picking up some pills as he does this his "shoulder devil" appears. The devil tells him he wants some more pills but of course the "shoulder angle" appears and defies the devil. At the end of the clip the kid flicks the devil off his shoulder but his hand goes in front of the devil. This is a massive problem because the devil layer (simple green screen of someone dressed as devil) is on top of the footage. My first reaction was to duplicate the footage of the kid and crop out his arm (Roto Brush), so that when his hand went in front of the devil it could look normal.  I edited the clips originally in Premiere Pro to make sure the audio from all three actors was matched up, before I used the dynamic link into after effects to key the green screen and to change hue/saturation. Ever thing looked fine in after effects but as soon as I went back to premiere the keyed arm was not correct. Basically I could see the arm twice (kinda stacked on top of each other but not lined up) and also between the fingers there was footage not cut out by the "Roto Brush". This is weird cause everything looks great in after effects. Can someone help me please I have to give this to someone of Friday and I have no clue what the problem may be?