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    Multiple CFIF's

      Not sure how best to achieve this without adding a further cfquery into the page, which I'd like to avoid doing if possible.

      I have a standard login page, which sets some session variables. However some pages can also be viewed without logging in. One of these pages has a 'watch list' feature, and I basically want to control how this is displayed as follows;

      - User not logged in : Prompt to login if they want to add to watchlist
      - User is logged in, but item is not on watch list : Prompt to add to watchlist
      - User is logged in, and already has item on watchlist : Prompt to state item is on watchlist

      Functionality is basically very similar to the way 'My Ebay' works.

      The watch list is currently being brought in via a header file, with the following query;

      <cfquery name="getwatchlist" datasource="#datasource#">
      SELECT user_id, merchant_id
      FROM cc_watchlists
      WHERE user_id=#SESSION.Auth.ID#

      The output as it stands (which doesn't look for the item already being on the watch list) is as follows;

      <cfif IsDefined('SESSION.Auth.username')>
      Add to watch list
      Please login to add to watch list</a>

      My initial thought is that I should be looking to add an 'IN' statement for the query, but that's about as far as I've managed to get (it's been a loooong day!).

      Any pointers gratefully received!