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    Selected File Cannot Be Linked.....Error Opening Project in PE8


      I have a project that I had successfully edited, burned a DVD and all was well and after the fact, moved all project files to a back up drive.

      Today I had need to make some minor edits so I copied the project from the backup drive to my main drive but now PE8 is complaining about being able to open up 1 video in the collection of videos. The screen shot is below and wat it says about just 1 video in the entire list of videos is this, "The selected file cannot be linked because it's type (video) does not match the original files type (audio and video).

      All other video files no problem and I've not done anything with the files in this project since buring the original DVD 3 months ago.

      Anyone? Help? Suggestions?

      I tried to open the project on both an XP Pro machine and a Visto Pro machine with a quad 4 processor.

      Thanks in advance for any help.